Why moths?

I've always been fascinated by metamorphosis, both physically and metaphorically, so insects in general are a point of curiosity. Moths are especially interesting for the obvious reasons. I love that they are beautiful, and that beauty has no input from us. It's all nature.

do you make butterflies as well?

Yes. The most common butterfly I create are monarchs. I also make cicadas, bats, squirrels, whales, and any other creature I'm inspired by at the moment.

how long do custom orders take?

They are usually ready to ship in 2–4 weeks.

what local shops carry your moths?

You can find them at Lions & Rabbits and Nestology in Grand Rapids.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. I have sold moths to people in Australia, Sweden, Japan, China, UK, Spain, Malaysia, and France.

Where does your fabric come from?

Discontinued fabric samples, antique shops, recycled clothing. I have also worked with local artists using their custom printed fabrics.

Can I ship my own fabric to you to make a moth with?

Yes. Click here for more info about custom orders.