custom orders

A limited number of requests are accepted each month for custom orders. Please see below for general pricing and options. If you would like to request a custom order, please click the button to fill out the commission request form. Have questions? Contact me!



Textile Moths

inspired by the fabrics used to make them

Each creation is truly one-of-a-kind and many of the fabrics used are discontinued, vintage, or handmade. Textile moths can range in size, complexity, and texture and prices may vary depending on all of the variables. Please fill out a commission request form to receive an individual quote.

Small (approx. 10" wide) — $60
Medium (about 15" wide) — $70
Large (about 20" wide) — $80


Nature Moths

inspired by existing moths in nature

Given the huge variety in actual moth species, there is no shortage of inspiration from Mother Nature herself. Nature Moths are painted and embroidered to look like real moths.
Moths listed are just some of the current species available. Click here for gallery view.

Luna, Bombyx mori, Rosy Maple, Spanish Moon Moth, Royal Walnut, Bumblebee

Small (approx. 10" wide) — $150
Large (about 15" wide) — $200

Cecropia, Atlas, Death's Head, Comet, Emperor

Small (approx. 10" wide) — $175
Large (about 15" wide) — $225


Monarch Butterflies

Not surprisingly, Monarch Butterflies are one of my most requested commissions. With their gorgeous coloring, and popularity, Monarchs are a classic that I always offer.

Painted wings — $150
Embroidered wings — $200.

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