“many types of moths—including my favorite the luna moth—only live a couple of weeks after they emerge. i found it interesting that the part of their lives where they are the most beautiful is also the most fleeting. my work is definitely influenced by a desire to create a lasting representation of that beauty.
— Molly Burgess

Molly Burgess is a fiber artist, Grand Rapids native, and attended Kendall College of Art & Design.

Her love of nature and science lead her to making insect and arachnid soft sculptures, and she is best known for her moths. She uses hand embroidery, machine stitching, painting, dying and wire work on a myriad of fabrics to form her amazing creations. Influenced by the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements, these eras are evident in the fabrics and flowing curved lines she uses.

Molly lives with her husband, Dan, and three cats in an historic Grand Rapids home.